Haucourt project


In September 2014 we started the project Haucourt. It consists of several multi-family buildings of various usable spaces... Continue reading

BudGryf Fair 2014 in Szczecin


On 28-30th March 2014 we participated in the construction fair BudGryf 2014 in Szczecin. We had the pleasure to conduct many constructive discussions on the basis of which, we hope that our dreams and construction plans of our customers will …... Continue reading

Other terraced houses in France

Montois la Montagne 3/3

Work is underway on the installation of terraced houses in the town of Montois la Montagne in France. They consist of nine individual houses having approximately 90 m2 of usable space. They are bult according to the project of investor. …... Continue reading

The house on the hill – Danowo, near Goleniów

Danowo 2/2

On 24.10.2013 the installation of house in the town of Danowo, near Goleniów (in West Pomerania Province) was completed. The house according to the project L-97 drawn up by the project office My-House, has 110 m2 of usable space.... Continue reading

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