We make both traditional roof truss systems, and modern roof trusses, that is, structures joined with MITEK nail plates.

Roof trusses used as an alternative to a traditional roof truss and steel structures allow to cover economically significant spans sparingly . This is a modern approach to roof structures.

Flexible offer

We tailor our offer to fit the client’s needs. It covers the design and prefabrication of roof trusses, and we can make the installation of roof structure at your request, roofing from any material, its dehydration or the formwork of eaves.

Our main objective is to use modern and practical construction solutions, carried out in accordance with the preferences of customers.

Solid materials

Doing roof trusses we use only the wood with a certified class of strength, kiln dried, planed and beveled. Thanks to it we are able to do both simple and more complex roof structures.

Our specialists will provide you with any advice relating to the production and installation of roof structures and building houses of wood.

We shall evaluate the roof truss systems or roof trusses free of charge on the basis of a construction project. We invite you to contact us in order to become familiar with a detailed offer of our company