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Rega M. H. Gajdel sp. j.
Węgorzyce 16A
72-221 Osina

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Choose REGA !

What really makes our houses absolutely unique ?
Below you will find only a few reasons why it is worth to build your house with us :

  • give us your idea and we will make it reality. We try as best as we can to adapt to the needs and visions of our clients, and we assure professional consultancy and solutiuons,
  • we respect your time and money that you invest. We always build with the accorded time-spans and do not approve of lateness,
  • for the construction we use only best-quality and certified materials,
  • building of a house is for everyone a great challange. That is why we make our best to conduct the whole building and assembly process according to the art of good craftsmanship,
  • we elastically adapt the range of projects according to the needs and expectations of investors,
  • our houses gained approval from many clients from Poland, Western Europe and Scandinavia,
  • for 'good starters' we will prepare a free-of-charge pricelist for your project, 
  • already 160 houses built and as much satisfied clients and families who trusted us.

REGA - we make your dreams of a house become reality.
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