Naborowo à Maszewo


On 2 nd July 2015 we finished the assembly of a house in the town of Maszewo, near Szczecin. The house is formed at Polna Street. It’s floor area of 90 m2... Continuer la lecture

Toit en Kulice


On 6th June 2015 we finished the construction of roofs in the town of Kulice, near Nowogard. The surface of roof to the house is 242 m2, and garage of 90 m2. They based on structural wood and plate fasteners.... Continuer la lecture


Undrumsdal - 198 m2

On 11th June 2015 we finished with build of twinhouse in Undrumsdal in Norway. Tha facade of the house is in board, typically for Scandinavia. It usable area is 198 m2... Continuer la lecture

(Polski) Indywidualny projekt we Francji


Désolé, cet article est seulement disponible en Polski.... Continuer la lecture