Wood-frame houses with the board

Frame Houses with the board, or buildings with a facade made of planks, often referred to as Canadian homes. It is one of the most popular technologies construction of wooden houses. Frame houses with the board is not only pleasant climate natural wood, but also robust, durable and safe construction, which is chosen by many customers – both in Poland and abroad.

It works for you

We give our customers the opportunity to reach for any design of house. We are open to suggestions relating to the choice of wood species, profiles of facade board and the method they are arranged on the walls. What the house will look like eventually depends entirely on our customers.

Safety, durability, energy efficiency

Frame houses with the board have been popular for generations, especially in the cold Scandinavia, which proves that the technology of building houses from wood works in very difficult climatic conditions. Frame houses are warm, durable and serve their owners for many years.

A multilayer structure of the external wall, makes it possible to achieve a very good thermal and sound reduction insulation.

Dried, planed, beveled wood with certificates of strength and confirmed by tests on each batch, provides not only structural resistance, but also the fire safety of building.

Time of construction

The individual elements of structure, such as walls, floor slabs and roof elements are still prefabricated on our premises. It is the prefabrication, which guarantees fast prefabrication construction progress.


We have a quality certificate ISO 9001: 2008. We use only tested building materials with declarations of performance. We have experienced, permanent staff of employess and modern machine facilities. Personal involvement, supervision over production and construction provide really good quality of houses we build.

We encourage people who are planning to build frame houses with the board in Poland, as well as foreign investors to contact us. The appraisal of project is free of charge!