Construction technology

Wooden frame house which we offer, are prefabricated in our plant, and installed on site. They have won recognition and have performed well for generations in almost every latitude.

Frame houses which we build and made in strict compliance with the technological process and materials of only good, proven quality are houses :

of individual architectural solutions, because we do not impose any projects on our customers and give an unhindered opportunity of their choice,

– extremely energy efficient – the external wall with the heat transfer coefficient equal to U = 0,182 W/m2K,


with a very short construction cycle independent of the season, incomparable to any of the other methods of construction thanks to the prefabrication of house elements in the plant (walls, floor slabs, roof trusses),

with fire safety – guaranteed by the use of four-planed wood with beveled edges for the production,

also suitable for the plots of land with difficult ground conditions – because due to a light weight structure they can be built where other houses will not be built,

with a special inner climate-friendly wood and natural materials, –aesthetic and with various possibilities to finish the façade.

For the construction of houses we use only certified construction wood, dried to a moisture content of 15% ( 3%), four-planed, and other building materials of good quality, certified by the required documents.

For example, our offer related to rough closed state includes:

  • drawing up working documentation
  • prefabrications of house elements: complete external walls, internal ones and also floor slabs, roof (roof trusses) in the plant
  • transport to the site
  • installation of elements on the site
  • roofing (ceramic roof tile, concrete tile, sheet …)
  • installation of rain gutters and downpipes
  • installation of windows (wooden, PCV, aluminium …)
  • installation of window blinds
  • installation of window sills ext., int.,
  • installation of front doors (wooden, steel, PCV. .. )
  • installation of garage door (tilted, sectional, manual or electric)
  • construction of chimney
  • construction of facade

Channels (conduits) to rough-in electrical installation and openings for socket outlets and switches are mounted in the walls. Gypsum plasterboards are mounted on the walls of attics, and insulated attic and insulated floor slab (slants). On the building we perform a complete roof with wooden soffits, tile covering and drainage (gutters and downpipes).

External walls

  • facade board with a thickness of 19-22 mm
  • assembly batten 32 x 55 mm
  • wind-proof membrane
  • structure 60 x 200 mm
  • mineral wool Rockwool 200 mm
  • vapor-proof membrane
  • OSB 3, 12 mm board
  • batten 45 x 45 mm
  • mineral wool Rockwool 50 mm
  • gypsum plasterboard 12,5 mm
  • gypsum plasterboard

Internal walls are made of dry spruce wood, planed and impregnated with a cross-section of 60 mm x 100 mm, 60 mm x 120 mm. Description of the cross-section of wall:

  • gypsum plasterboard – 12.5 mm gypsum (without patching)
  • OSB board 12 mm
  • mineral wool 100 mm
  • OSB board 12 mm
  • gypsum plasterboard – 12.5 mm gypsum (without patching)

The ceiling is made of dry spruce wood planed and impregnated with a cross-section of 60 mm x 220 mm, 60 mm x 240mm. Description of floor cross-section from top to bottom:

  • OSB board 22 mm
  • mineral wool 100 mm
  • vapour-proof membrane 0,2 mm
  • assembly battens under plasterboard 50 mm x 24 mm
  • Gypsum plasterboard 12.5 mm (without patching)

The roof is made of dry spruce wood planed and impregnated with a cross-section of 60 mm x 200 mm, 60 mm x 240 mm. Description of roof cross-section from top to bottom:

  • roof laths 60 mm x 40 mm
  • counterlaths 50 mm x 24 mm
  • roof breathing membrane
  • mineral wool 250 mm
  • vapour-proof membrane
  • assembly battens under plasterboard 50mm x24mm
  • Gypsum plasterboard 12.5mm (without patching)

The uniqueness of houses makes that the price is calculated individually depending on your choice of project, scope of works and materials selected for implementation (eg. windows, tile, type of insulation …).

Our staff will answer and of your questions knowledgeably. W shall make the appraisal of project indicated by you indicated by you at your request.

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