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Wooden half-timbered houses, otherwise called “Prussian wall”, are special houses. They constitute the combination of a solid tradition, craft school, with modern technology and traditional design with a modern function of space. Wooden half-timbered buildings have a unique character and atmosphere.

Many years of tradition

Continued use of half-timbered technology has proved its uniqueness and special features for centuries. This technology requires very good raw material, that is, high quality wood, appropriate craftsmanship of woodworking, as well as knowledge and experience. In return, the residents of the house gain peace of mind, a sense of security and a unique home atmosphere.

Modern functionality

Half-timbered houses mean not only traditional craftsmanship and timeless appearance. They have everything, which a modern house and its inhabitants need – they are functional, have a high level of energy efficiency and enable the assembly of any installations which should be found in the modern house.

Experience and precision

The aim of our company is to make the vision and dreams of our customers come true. Apart from the best care we take about each project implemented, we guarantee timeliness and professional advice. In addition, when using certified materials, all our projects are a reliable and safe investment for years to come.

We have quality management certificates ISO 9001: 2008. We supervise both the course of fabrication, as well as the actual construction. The same team of qualified, experienced staff is responsible for both processes.

We shall be happy to answer your questions, and we shall give a free appraisal of the half-timbered building you have chosen. Please contact us

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